“How did Michael do it?”

I began this blog because I needed to know how a single person could create such a tidal wave of change around the Earth.

I wanted to chronicle what Michael Jackson accomplished and figure out how he did it. How did he inspire people so deeply? How did he blast through racial barriers? Why was he such a threat to the powers that be, and how did he survive the devastating attacks against him?

“Hey world!” I was itchin’ to shout, “We missed something important here!” I wished for friends to say, “Look what else he did! Think that would help people in Ferguson? Or help fight fracking?”

You see, I’ve lived in the cross hairs of violence, and in the sights of hostile U.S. warships. Corporations want to frack and poison the land I live on. The lives of people I love are threatened every day by the police. I need truly effective ways to change the world—protest for the sake of protest just doesn’t cut it any more. We need something that works!

I also need serious inspiration to reach deep inside myself and pull out my most courageous, loving and powerful self. I gotta tell you, Michael was a serious breath of fresh air in that respect. (You can read more about my introduction to Michael in Fooled by the Glitter and more about me in About Keely.

This blog is my way to explore Michael’s work and express my gratitude for his showing us how to transform the world by waging peace with love; speaking truth to power; standing firmly in our whole, beautiful, complex selves; healing trauma; cultivating spiritual power, and never ever giving up.

If you are curious about or inspired by Michael, I invite you to join the conversation!

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By the way, Michael was an incredible diplomat, and I encourage you to follow his example in your comments. Due to the internet presence of people trying to destroy MJ’s reputation, comments are moderated. I don’t mind honest questions and comments, but disrespectful commentators will be blocked.