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The Copyright Predicament:

Copyright law is currently murky and full of hypocrisy. Corporations seem to have an iron grip on “intellectual property”, some of which has been stolen from traditional cultures. Individual artists both benefit from and suffer greatly under these laws.

My goal is to respect all artists, get permission, and give credit for all images and words. At times I will be hypocritical and fall back on “fair use” provisions for educational purposes. I will gladly remove or correct the credit on anything an artist asks me to.

At the same time, I make the following requests for my own work:

No need to ask, just go for it:

  • Link to my site.
  • Repost an excerpt or an entire blog when you acknowledge the author and link back to my original post.
  • Excerpt up to 200 words for publication or commercial purposes, with acknowledgement of the author.
  • Make photocopies of my posts for distribution without profit.
  • Translate blogs if you link back to my original post.

Please check with me first:

  • Using anything for commercial purposes (except above).

Guest bloggers retain their copyrights. Please contact them directly for permission to do anything with their words.