Finding Gold in Armageddon of the Brain

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As I leave my eighth home in seven months, making my 15th move in three years, I’m exhausted. But a mind-blowing and glowing quadruple rainbow graces the sky upon my exit.  Sections of it follow me all 15 miles to my next home, a tent in a friend’s back yard. I’ve never seen anything like it, and feel instantly blessed.

Have you ever stretched you wings and jumped out of your comfort zone? I’m guessing yes. Any time you grow, or you have no clue what to do next, you’re looking over a cliff, preparing for a leap.

Here’s the good news: if you survive, soaring can brings you phenomenal gifts. Even if the wind blinds you or beats you up.

Look at Michael: the stunning visuals of Stranger in Moscow exist because he experienced that “swift and sudden fall from grace.”  The phrases “mask of life,feeling insane” and “Armageddon of the brain” grace us today because one devastated soul was awake enough to seek the gold in his grief.

Would Beyonce have birthed Lemonade* if she’d never been sliced open by betrayal? Nah uh. Not possible.

Now don’t get me wrong—I don’t wish Michael’s or Beyonce’s experiences on anyone. My point is that we are all face terrifying levels of change that we too can “mine” for precious metals and gems, songs and insights into life.

I discovered one today.

As I drove to my tent home, I drank in the rainbow’s blessing, and reflected on the gift in this arduous journey: I no longer fear where I will end up next.  I trust the universe to put me exactly where I need to be. What once terrified me is now just another move, another mystery.

Here’s the gold: I am at home inside myself.


by Keely Meagan


*I’m serious, you must see Lemonade (an hour-long album/film). In my opinion, she is one of Michael’s successors in pop music, bringing it back home to what really matters. Like Michael (only different!), she slays with stunning images and dance, killer lyrics and stellar pipes. It’s available on and itunes. (I receive no financial benefit for my gushing.)

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Keely Meagan is a writer, activist, healer, rebel and visionary. She is eternally grateful to Michael Jackson for showing us ways to effectively transform the world by waging peace with love; cultivating spiritual power; healing trauma; speaking truth to power; standing firmly in our whole, beautiful, complex selves, and never ever giving up.

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  1. Gail
    | Reply

    Thank you for noticing the rainbow, Keely. And sharing this story with us. We’re your fellow Lightworkers. We’re right there in the trenches with you! Without each other, we couldn’t do this. With each other, we can do anything!

  2. Raven
    | Reply

    So sorry to hear about your latest travail, but thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Don’t forget, a rainbow is God’s promise that things will be better. I am sure it was definitely a sign.

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