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This is a list of many outstanding and provocative (in a good way) writings about Michael Jackson. Please note that this listing is not an endorsement by me of everything said within these works.

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Spiritual Teachers Who Address Oppression

  • Luisah Teish  Ms.Teish is an Orisha priestess, initiated elder and chief who has been teaching transformation, working for justice and waging peace for more than 30 years.
  • BALADÉ BLACK   is working to share the work of elders, mentors, artists and teachers of color with culturally-rooted, ancestor-based and indigenous practices. All their teachers are women, many of them queer, “because they have learned to survive amidst a complicated intersection of systemic violence. Racism, classism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, etc. And it is by virtue of being at this intersection that they are able to see most roads, relate to most strugglers, know most of our problems intimately, and carefully lead the development of the frameworks that will truly revolutionize our lives. In short: we believe that they are the most equipped to teach everyone how to live more justly, more healthily.”