Michael Trumps Discrimination

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 This is a repost of Taylor Jackson’s powerful insight into:

Michael and Trump

MJ and Trump

Hello again MJ fans. A thought just occurred to me and I had to rush to write it down. Whenever I discover something new about Michael I always get this elated feeling. I become thirsty for analysis of his behavior and career moves. I recently came across an article detailing Donald Trump’s long history of racism. MJ only hung out with Trump to later call him out quietly in one of his songs, Money. However after reading the New York Times article, something else just caught my attention.

Michael rented the best floor at Trump towers and stayed across from Trump in his luxury suite, under the guise of “business”. According to the article I linked earlier in this post, it seems Trump and his family have had a history of denying Black people entrance into their housing. It more so looked like a statement Michael was trying to make. No one could deny one of the world’s most famous and powerful African Americans any type of residency at one of Trump’s establishments.

robber baron definition.PNG

Toward the end of the song Money, Michael starts listing off names of robber barons- or very wealthy businessmen-and I would always wonder what he was saying but a fan named Syl (who’s video I linked above) helped fans figure out that he was not just uttering “meaningless” things in this song.


These men were described as greedy (noticeably White) men who hoarded all the profits for themselves in the name of doing big business, regardless of who it affected. I cannot help but think about Trump’s recent comments he made about African Americans and wonder, was Michael trying to send subliminal messages to the public before it was cool? It also causes me to wonder about a lot of other people he became acquainted with during his life. This sure is a slap in the face for MJ fans who support Trump and his bigoted views! Trump and Michael were not friends. They only had a short business relationship so I don’t know why a lot of fans are jumping on a bandwagon to praise Trump for “defending” Michael in the past. I highly doubt that Michael would support someone so hateful but let me not elaborate on my dislike for fans who use Michael as a shield to cover their own bigotry. I already wrote about it. Maybe this topic will expand in the future.

MJ fans, did you always know Michael was actually making some sense in this song or did you just now find out what he was saying?

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