Prince Joins Michael on the Other Side

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The world is feeling the loss of another revolutionary musician and social visionary who broke down racial barriers, stretched gender roles and opened doors to a whole new future. I did not follow Prince’s music, but I have a tremendous respect for his artistry and how he used it to transform the world.

It seems significant that he and David Bowie passed so closely to each other. I can only imagine Michael’s immense love greeting them both on the other side. Their missions were so similar to his own, and Prince in particular pushed Michael to deeper creativity. I’d say may Prince rest in peace, but my hope is that he will join Michael’s spirit in roaming the Earth, waking people up, and inspiring them to make the world a better place.

My heart goes out to his family and fans.

There’s a very moving and personal tribute to him here:

Tavis Smiley: The Prince I Knew

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Keely Meagan is a writer, activist, healer, rebel and visionary. She is eternally grateful to Michael Jackson for showing us ways to effectively transform the world by waging peace with love; cultivating spiritual power; healing trauma; speaking truth to power; standing firmly in our whole, beautiful, complex selves, and never ever giving up.

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  1. Raven
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    That is true. The nature of their competitive streak was such that Michael was always keeping an eye on Prince’s next move and vice versa. It reminds me more than a bit of the artistic love/hate/friendship/rivalry between Hemingway and Fitzgerald, who both admired and yet envied qualities in each other that then pushed both men harder to achieve the qualities they admired in each other.

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