Why Thriller Still Grabs Us

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Around the world, Thriller refuses to die.

Even in tiny Ashland, after only a week of advertising, 30 people tromped through a rainy day to come to my Thriller flash mob dance class.

Why does it hold such amazing power over us? And why is our culture so obsessed with zombies?

The truth is this: we are the living dead. We’ve been forced to bury and forget the most brilliant parts of ourselves in order to survive. Artists are expected to starve. Born leaders work at MacDonald’s. Healers can’t afford medical school or are trained in toxic medicine. Students are drugged so they can “pay attention”.

We’re taught that our most precious traits are hideous creatures, but we still long for our inner zombies.

Then Thriller comes along, and we come alive expressing our inner dead.

Thank you Michael. That is utter genius.


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Keely Meagan is a writer, activist, healer, rebel and visionary. She is eternally grateful to Michael Jackson for showing us ways to effectively transform the world by waging peace with love; cultivating spiritual power; healing trauma; speaking truth to power; standing firmly in our whole, beautiful, complex selves, and never ever giving up.

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5 Responses

  1. Gail Snyder
    | Reply

    I’d love to hear more about this, Keely! Coming alive by experiencing our inner deadness can sound so counter-intuitive, and yet, it’s THRILLing! Give us some more details, based on what happened in your Ashland group!

    • Keely Meagan
      | Reply

      Thanks for asking Gail! Because I’m new in town, I don’t know the people and haven’t been able to follow up with them. What I can tell you is that everyone wanted to keep doing the dance over and over again, one woman said it felt “empowering”, and everyone was excited in the moment.

      What I know from myself is that every step of this process I was running into things that terrified me and yet I felt compelled to keep creating the event. For example, early on I didn’t know if I could find a location or get insurance on such short notice, and I was scared because I had to use my personal rent money to rent the Grange dance space for 3 hours. I did it anyway and found everything falling into place. I was unsure of how to market the event on a tiny budget, but got the hit to walk around Lithia Park in my MJ Thriller jacket and hand out fliers. Despite my terror at that thought, I did it anyway and I had a blast talking with people about Michael. (One kid said, “Are you… are you… are you Michael Jackson?!” And college student said, “I can’t say no to anyone in a Thriller jacket.”) The jacket drew people in like magic. When I walked down the street, people yelled “Thriller” from passing cars. The love for Michael and Thriller made the marketing fun.

      And once I pulled out the easiest flash mob instruction video I could find, I realized it was still really hard to learn these movements, I had trouble memorizing the order of the steps, and I wasn’t in good enough shape to make it through the 5 minute dance even once! With only 10 days left before the event, I busted my butt to get into shape and practiced 2 or more hours a day. In the end, I still made mistakes, but got many compliments on my wonderful dance teaching!

      The day after the event, in meditation I found myself imagining that I was pulling off a full-body “mask”. That whole day, I got comments about how I was shining like the sun. Something I can’t explain has changed, and I am THRILLed, as you so beautifully put it.

  2. Nina Fonoroff
    | Reply

    Thank you, Keely. So true! We are the walking dead!

    • Keely Meagan
      | Reply

      Thank you Nina! What a conundrum, isn’t it? Laughing at how ridiculous it is to be in this situation, and loving how Michael helps us still to wake up and be more alive…

  3. Constance
    | Reply

    So well expressed, Keely!
    It seems a scary thing to entrain the zombie spirits within to rise up and dance with us. Maybe they look so awful and fearsome because we have denied them light for so long. You’re right! Michael’s “Thriller” quickens our being and brings to life the archetypes we have tried to bury. Now we are able to lead all the personas within our own souls out and into the dance of life ~ Thanks for expressing this concept so succinctly – and yet so well! I think this is why Michael, at least to me, is a ritual healer … and his “Thriller” dance has become a global ritual of such vitality and creative expression for millions … Michael’s singular epiphanic language of music and movement transcends barriers and joins us together in awakening.

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