• "Make love your weapon to overcome any evil."
    Michael Jackson

  • “Anger and rage are the prelude to a shift in consciousness.
    Unless we feel rage at some of the inequities
    and injustices of our society,
    there is no hope for transformation.”
    Michael Jackson

  • “People are always saying,
    'They’ll take care of it, the government will…’
    They who? It starts with us. With us! Or else it will never be done.”
    Michael Jackson

  • “No barrier stood before this man
    that he didn’t challenge and break down.”


  • “I ain’t scared of no sheets.”
    Michael Jackson

  • “He will not be swiftly forgiven
    for having turned so many tables.”

    James Baldwin

  • “No one ever seems to connect the dots:
    A very vocal, very influential, very wealthy black man was taken down by a white prosecutor on trumped-up charges.”

    D.B. Anderson

  • “This power of innocence, of compassion, of light
    Threatened the priests and created a fright
    In endless ways they sought to dismantle
    This mysterious force which they could not handle”

    Michael Jackson

  • "This is the biggest loss since,
    dare I say, Martin Luther King.
    He moved the culture that much.”


  • “Change the world.”
    Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson rocked our world and amplified “people power” on this planet by flipping our resistance to change on its head: he made radical transformation absolutely thrilling. Harnessing every volt of his electrifying global influence, Michael inspired us to love each other, treat each other as equals and confront injustice. This literally threatened the profit and control of the most powerful people on Earth.

The one percent fought back. But Michael not only survived the unprecedented storm of media lies and judicial persecution, he kept launching successful come-backs, challenging bullies and abusive structures, and creating a world focused on love. I started this blog because I want to know:

How did he do all that?  and  Can we do that too?


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Thriller Eyes
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What is it about Michael’s eyes?  Even as a zombie–the walking dead–they were powerfully compelling, calling us to be more ALIVE. On days that are hard, sometimes all I need is to see a photo of his eyes and I know I’ll be all right.  I see his soul, and I know he sees mine. That’s some fucking power people. He was a master at using his eyes to connect with us, human to human. Through them, he sent all … Read More

Billie Jean: What Are You Willing to Fight for?
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Michael had to fight to get “Billie Jean” onto Thriller. His highly-respected producer and friend, Quincy Jones, thought it was a dud. But Michael knew it was a hit, and he went over Quincy’s head to make sure it was included. Check out the story below. Six months after Thriller was released, Michael performed “Billie Jean” at Motown 25 and revealed his stunning new dance style and the moonwalk for the first time ever. That performance launched Thriller and Michael … Read More

A WARRIOR’S HEART: Happy Birthday Michael
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  Michael told Paul McCartney, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.” But Michael also had a warrior’s heart. Warriors protect the people. That’s their traditional job, according to a native warrior friend of mine. One astonishing example of Michael as warrior is in Earth Song. At the end of this moving epic lament during the History tour, a tank pulled on stage and Michael stepped in front of it, blocking its path towards the audience like the man in Tienanmen … Read More

Army of LOVE: 8 Ways to Follow His Footsteps
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  Michael blew our minds and hearts wide open. He was our Warrior of L.O.V.E., and once again we grieve his loss. While I honor that grief, and hold it tenderly, I also want to remind us that he called on us to follow in his footsteps. It’s a huge, terrifying, thrilling challenge. And more urgent than ever. Fans and colleagues are blazing similar trails and inviting others to follow. Inspired by Michael and by them, last year I set … Read More

7 Post-Election Strategies from the King of Pop
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“We’ve been catapulted into the Big Wake-Up Call with this election,” says my friend Gail. Wondering where to go from here, I look to Michael Jackson for courage and strategy. Here’s what I see: Refuse to be a victim. Stand your ground and use your power in unexpected ways. (Ghosts) Cultivate L.O.V.E., and use it as a Warrior.  Michael said, “Make love your weapon to overcome any evil.”  Ghosts is a wonderful example of that. In his concerts, he used … Read More

Why Thriller Still Grabs Us
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  Around the world, Thriller refuses to die. Even in tiny Ashland, after only a week of advertising, 30 people tromped through a rainy day to come to my Thriller flash mob dance class. Why does it hold such amazing power over us? And why is our culture so obsessed with zombies? The truth is this: we are the living dead. We’ve been forced to bury and forget the most brilliant parts of ourselves in order to survive. Artists are … Read More

Warriors Armed with L.O.V.E.
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Despite guards attacking with dogs and mace, unarmed men, women and children stepped in front of bulldozers ripping up sacred burial grounds a week ago today. The protesters halted, for another day, the corporations and banks trying to force a pipeline across the Standing Rock Reservation and the Missouri River, threatening the water supply for some 10 million people living downstream. Democracy Now captured the breathtaking scene in this video of the crowd surging forward to push back the dozers, … Read More

Michael Trumps Discrimination
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 This is a repost of Taylor Jackson’s powerful insight into: Michael and Trump August 29, 2016 Hello again MJ fans. A thought just occurred to me and I had to rush to write it down. Whenever I discover something new about Michael I always get this elated feeling. I become thirsty for analysis of his behavior and career moves. I recently came across an article detailing Donald Trump’s long history of racism. MJ only hung out with Trump to later call him out … Read More

Celebrating Michael the Warrior
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It’s easy to praise his love. But if we only acknowledge Michael Jackson’s powerful heart, we miss something essential: the King of Pop was also a warrior. A warrior can be gentle, and Michael was both gentle and astonishingly humble at times. But a warrior fiercely defends what he loves. So while Michael had a heart as big as the sky (Wayne Dyer’s beautiful description) he was also intensely protective of Black people and Black culture, the Earth, his children, … Read More

What Made Michael Jackson So Dangerous?
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What is it about Michael Jackson that provokes such outrage, even seven years after his death? Why the sneers and distain? Yesterday I was called a “moron” on social media for questioning the “new evidence” against him. I had to sit back and ponder, yet again, why he was both so beloved and yet perceived as such a terrifying threat. For a couple years I’ve seen three different ingredients to this threat: his race and his insistence on equality, his … Read More

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It is difficult to write anything right now, given the violence in this country. And yet ten years ago one man stood up against what Armond White aptly described as “torture on a global stage with the whole world watching.” Michael Jackson held his head up. He knew who he was, he believed in himself, he believed in humanity, and he won. I needed to remember this. Thank you Jude for reminding me, and thank you Michael for showing us … Read More

Bernie, Trump, and Michael Jackson
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Fasten your seatbelt: this might be a tad provocative. But give me a chance to explain why these names are connected and critical in this moment. Bernie and Trump are both tapping into something powerful and important. There are a lot of angry white men in this country who believe they’ve been screwed, and they’re right. Though they have some privilege, being white and male doesn’t protect them from a system which systematically crashes and burns. Turns out they are … Read More

Finding Gold in Armageddon of the Brain
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As I leave my eighth home in seven months, making my 15th move in three years, I’m exhausted. But a mind-blowing and glowing quadruple rainbow graces the sky upon my exit.  Sections of it follow me all 15 miles to my next home, a tent in a friend’s back yard. I’ve never seen anything like it, and feel instantly blessed. Have you ever stretched you wings and jumped out of your comfort zone? I’m guessing yes. Any time you grow, … Read More

PRINCE’S MYSTERIOUS DEATH: Don’t Fill the Void with Lies
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The “news” reports speculating on the cause of Prince’s death make me more nauseous every day. It reminds me of what happened after Michael Jackson’s death: the press fueled rumors designed to distract us from his genius and his profound impact on the world. My housemate is caught up in these Prince stories because she wants an explanation. “I need closure,” she says to me. Of course we desire an answer, because it helps us process our grief, and know … Read More

Prince Joins Michael on the Other Side
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The world is feeling the loss of another revolutionary musician and social visionary who broke down racial barriers, stretched gender roles and opened doors to a whole new future. I did not follow Prince’s music, but I have a tremendous respect for his artistry and how he used it to transform the world. It seems significant that he and David Bowie passed so closely to each other. I can only imagine Michael’s immense love greeting them both on the other … Read More

The King of Fools
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Only the bravest of souls sign up to be sacred clowns. Birth is the easy part, as memories are generally wiped clean. But as the years pass and young holy fools figure out they’re that, many run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. Their job descriptions are impossible, you see. Sure, deflating egos, mocking sexual mores, ridiculing religious practices, subverting stuffy traditions, tipping the world on its head and letting people in on the great cosmic joke … Read More

Picking Up the Pieces from the Sony/ATV Sale
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This is a reminder to myself that the world has not come to an end. Not even close. It was easy to plunge into despair after the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate sold Michael’s half of the Sony/ATV catalog. As Steve Dennis tweeted:   If u half-know #MJ backstory re Sony & how hard he fought to prevent this very outcome, you’ll feel the nauseating travesty re this sell-out   (There’s a recap of the history below, if you are … Read More

Who Gave You the Right to Take Intrusion?
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A highly recommended repost from Dancing with the Elephant Lisha:  In a previous post we talked about the evolution of Michael Jackson’s Ghosts, from an unfinished cross-promotional short film for Addams Family Values to a 38-minute musical masterpiece, which curiously, never received a proper release. Both films depict a small town Mayor leading an angry mob as they attempt to force the local “weirdo” out of his home and out of town. Unfortunately, the storyline hits terribly close to home … Read More